when you have a moment where you think of contacting old mods and players and reopening and then log in and wonder what the hell you were thinking…

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What? Seriously? This roleplay is amazing, you can't shut it down. There's a lot of people here in the family and together they make it perfect.

Apparently family doesn’t tell family they’ve decided to take their ball and go play with cooler kids somewhere else until they’re running off to shinier newer role plays. Kids these days…

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This roleplay was flawless. Why would you close it? D:

Believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision. There were a lot of factors in deciding to close. We’ve been through more than our fair share of OOC drama and it gets exhausting to keep pushing forward when it feels like the uphill climb just keeps getting steeper. When you put a lot of work into something and keep getting kicked in the face for it, there comes a time when you learn to stop before the next kick comes. We loved this role play, it hurts a lot to let it go.

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Are you still doing plot revisions or can I apply for William Scott?

We’re still doing some revising, but feel free to apply now and if we need to make any changes we will let you know.

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Can I ask where you got your previous theme before the current one? The one with a huge banner on top :) thanks! xo

That one is great, right? We’re highly likely going back to that one soon. Here you go - http://maraudersmaps.tumblr.com/themes (:

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Who are the chaperones for prom?

Parker and Irina Scavo.

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Jessi and Kait;

I need your emails to your character blogs so I can add y’all to the ‘mod blog’.

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List of the Student body of FVHS 

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slightlybitchybrowning replied to your post: At some point this afternoon someone got into the…
HOLD HORSES! Did anything happen to the main page? Because I will go apeshit.

Not that we’ve found so far, we just could not get into the main. We both kept getting the wrong password message. It was not fun. AIM me when you get a chance. <3

At some point this afternoon someone got into the main account and changed the password. We were lucky that the email wasn’t changed as well so the password has been reset. Due to this and the minor five minute freak out had by Chanci and myself, we’ve decided to not share the password for the main account with anyone else. It could have been an accident, it could have been a hack in, we really don’t know and we’re not going to make assumptions; but we just feel that for the time being this is the best thing to keep from getting our nerves rattled anymore.

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Do you do fc changes?

I guess it would really all depend. A lot of work has gone into making the gifs and pictures. I guess it would depend on who you were wanting to change and then the face claim you wanted.

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I'm filling in an app for MJ but bare with me because it might take a while to do this app. (:

Yay! Take your time, we understand it’s a pretty intense application. (:

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What male roles would you like filled the most?

We would really love to see Ezra, Noel, or Caleb filled.

edit- AND M.J. too!

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